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Redwood at Black Bear Academy

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Who does Redwood at Black Bear Academy serve?

Redwood at Black Bear is an educational program designed for students with learning disabilities who benefit greatly from a comprehensive approach to learning that combines educational, social-emotional, and clinical support (speech/language therapy; occupational therapy; psychological counseling; social work support).

Our unique program is ideal for children who are capable of learning and need extra support to succeed. Whether students require assistance with academic skills, self-regulation, or social interactions, our dedicated team provides the resources and guidance necessary for each student to flourish in our nurturing and structured environment.

What makes Redwood at Black Bear Academy unique?

Individualized Attention

Small Class Sizes: Each child is part of a small class, typically consisting of one teacher and 3-5 students. This ratio ensures personalized instruction and focused support.-Customized Learning Plans: Each child receives an individualized education plan that addresses their unique needs, strengths, and areas for growth

Integrated Clinical Support

Occupational Therapy (OT): Occupational Therapy helps students develop fine motor skills, sensory integration, and daily living skills.-Speech-Language Pathology (SLP): Speech-Language Therapy focuses on enhancing communication abilities, including speech articulation, language comprehension, and social communication.

Speech-Language Pathology (SLP): Speech-Language Therapy focuses on enhancing communication abilities, including speech articulation, language comprehension, and social communication.

Social Work: Our team offers emotional and social support, helping students navigate their social environments and build strong relationships.

Psychological Support: Our team of psychologists support both students and classroom teachers. Each class has a designated psychologist to serve as the “classroom coach” and support the regulation of the whole class.

Flexible and Structured Environment

Balanced Support: We offer a blend of flexibility and structure to accommodate each student’s individual pace while maintaining a consistent routine.

Small-Group Learning: Students participate in small group activities that foster peer interaction and collaborative learning, reinforcing social skills and teamwork.

Individual Learning Support: Our team provides one-on-one support as needed to foster students’ academic gains and social/emotional regulation.

Conscious Discipline Approach

Regulation Support: Our program incorporates Conscious Discipline techniques that emphasize and support positive behavior and self-regulation strategies.

Emotional Intelligence: Students will learn to manage their emotions, develop empathy, and resolve conflicts constructively.

Supportive Community

Our program provides students with a caring and inclusive environment where their individual needs are recognized and met with compassion and expertise. With the support of specialized educators and clinicians, students can overcome challenges and unlock their full potential.

What are the benefits of the Redwood at Black Bear program?

Our program’s comprehensive approach ensures that students not only achieve academic success, but also develop essential life skills. By integrating the strengths of Redwood and Black Bear Academy into a single program, we offer the best of both worlds: evidence-based academics tailored to students with learning differences—including, but not limited to, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia—alongside individualized clinical support. This combination empowers each student to succeed in the classroom environment, even if previously they have faced challenges in traditional settings.

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