with Parents

Meaghan Milbourn of Black Bear Academy opening a cup of play dough for the children
young girl smiling and playing at the playground at Black Bear Academy

We are on your team

We partner with you

We engage the transformational benefits of Conscious Discipline® to integrate all aspects of social, emotional, and cognitive learning and partner school time with home time.

What is
Conscious Discipline®?

Conscious Discipline® offers solutions for social-emotional learning, discipline and self-regulation. The goal is to help parents and schools reach and teach every child. Once instilled, these essential skills will last a lifetime and positively impact generations to come.

young girl climbing the play area at Black Bear Academy
Therapeutic wall in a Black Bear Academy classroom

How is it different?

We partner with parents to offer a consistent and effective approach to building connections that shape a child’s behavior. Rather than a punishment-based approach that may intimidate a child into submission, we shift to an informed, conscious discipline approach that calmly teaches children how to solve problems while instilling intrinsic motivation to use and learn new skills.

We help children
and parents…

Understand how internal emotional states drive behavior

Shift perception to see discipline as an opportunity to teach new skills

Build connections by creating a culture of compassion and consistency between Black Bear Academy and in the child’s home

Teach problem-solving with social-emotional learning

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