since 2003

General Academic Services Information

Our academic services are uniquely programmed to come alongside your child’s education and meet their individual needs wherever they are in their learning. From tutoring and remote learning support to educational consulting, we offer a wide range of individual and group services to support your child in all academic areas.

We are pleased to offer supplemental learning opportunities this fall to support students and families throughout remote learning. Our unique programming is designed to enhance any school-delivered curriculum and enrich your child’s learning experience with well-respected, structured approaches to reading and writing. We offer small-class, pod settings with trained teachers and flexible scheduling to come alongside your child’s remote-learning curriculum and support your family’s needs. We are also pleased to offer a full-day, blended kindergarten and first grade class. Our program features well-respected learning programs from Wilson Language Training®, SQ Write™, Eureka Math®, and an executive functioning-based learning tool. All programming will allow for an easy transition back to your child’s home school.

Our educational consultants partner with families to offer guidance in selecting the most appropriate academic setting for your child. After meeting with your family to understand and assess your child’s learning needs, we are available to assist you in each step of the school selection process, from scheduling tours and shadow days to submitting enrollment applications.

We offer tutoring services for students of all ages and ability levels. Our trained tutors will work side-by-side with your child, offering student-centered approaches that will equip them with the tools to succeed in reading and writing, specific subject areas, and executive functioning skill areas such as note-taking, research, and test-taking strategies.

Reading, writing, and mathematics are fundamental to any school curriculum and are key to future success within the classroom and beyond. Our support services utilize well-researched and respected curricular programs to help your child grow and succeed in one or all of these academic skills. For intensive reading and spelling support, your child will engage in a multisensory, research-based curriculum from Wilson Language Training®. SQ Write™ is a comprehensive curriculum that will help build your child’s executive functioning skills as they learn to write effectively. For support in math, your child will receive instruction from the Multisensory Math program, an evidence-based curriculum that applies tenants of reading instruction to the teaching of math.