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BBA – At a Glance


Our website is current undergoing maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. For information, please contact our office:

Black Bear Academy – Chicago Private

1801 W Byron St

Chicago, IL 60613

(773) 244-0700

Email: info1617@blackbearacademy.com

You can also Black Bear Academy – Chicago Private’s Facebook Page.

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At a Glance

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Therapeutic Programs

We offer individual speech and occupational therapy services, small group classes, Black Bear Buddies, Social Language Groups, Fine Motor Groups and more. All of our therapeutic classes are taught by licensed Speech-Language Pathologists or Occupational Therapists and we offer very small therapist-to-student ratios. We treat clinical challenges related, but not limited, to:

  • Receptive and expressive language
  • Social/pragmatic skills
  • Verbal apraxia
  • Speech production and intelligibility
  • Auditory processing
  • Feeding and oral motor skills
  • Sensory integration, self regulation
  • Fine and gross motor development
  • Executive functioning
  • Self directedness/egocentric behaviors
  • Classroom/group participation
  • Academic learning
  • Program structure and transitions
  • Handwriting
  • Visual perception
  • Independence and self care skills

In addition, our therapeutic enrichment staff is trained to supplement our clinical services in both groups and individual sessions.


Pre Academic Program

Our Pre Academic program refers to children from 18 months to 4.0 years of age that are typically developing. In this program your child’s play is facilitated by our instructors to increase developmental readiness for future developmental, academic, and social milestones by improving language skills, increasing core vocabulary, and facilitating healthy neurological maturation.

Classes for the Pre Academic program include:

  • 18-30 Month – 18 months at time of enrollment
  • Two-Hour 2s – 2 years old
  • Three-Hour 2s – 2 years old
  • Three-Hour 3s – 3 –4 years old

Extended Day

Should you choose to, additional course work is available in the mornings and afternoons by joining our ED Program. This allows for academic parents to choose a half-day or full day program or a morning ballet class for your Lil’ Guy!

ED course work includes:

Academic Rotation (focusing on Math, Science, Handwriting and Literacy)

Physical Education, Cooking, Sports, Fine Arts, Yoga, Dance, Language Play, Heave Ho and so much more!


Academic Program

Our Academic program optimizes the strong communicative-cognitive skills developed in our Pre Academic program with a curriculum based academic structure designed to successfully prepare our students for first grade. Classes include Introduction to Kindergarten Ideas, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten.

This program is intended to facilitate exceptional learning in core knowledge areas such as:

  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Handwriting
  • Technology

Class size is a maximum of twelve students and differential instruction is applied so that each child is operating at their maximum potential. Our goal is to reduce “gate keeping” on learning and let children get exposure to levels of learning that are determined by their aptitude, not their age.


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