Academy Arts

Academy Arts Mission Statement

At Black Bear Academy, art is a medium which increases awareness of self and communication with others while formulating the language to express the life-affirming, simple pleasures, of making art. Young students sense the power of arranging elements, in a deliberate and personal way, designed to impact the senses and emotions of both self and others.

Art is important to the developing right hemisphere, a child’s neurological system. It complements and supports academic learning by encouraging a different type of thinking used both in the learning process of math and science. Creating art can enhance fine motor skill function, expose children to problem-solving and supports visual- spatial skills. The very nature of art encourages self-expression and increases the opportunity to make associations between “what is” versus “what could be”.

Our art classes are designed to incorporate all of the multi-sensory elements necessary for healthy, holistic development while also being fun. The artist, in this learning environment, explores the senses while gaining an invaluable means of self expression and definition of self.

Academy Arts Spring 2019 Performance | Dance: “This is Halloween”

Academy Arts Spring 2019 Performance | Theater: “Bone Soup”