Academic Programs for Early Childhood

F.A.Q. | Introduction to Kindergarten Ideas (IKI)

A parent asks: We received our child’s recommendation for IKI. What does that schedule look like generally?


Great Question:

Students in the IKI (Introduction to Kindergarten Ideas) program can enroll Monday-Friday for the desired frequency, however typically students in the IKI program attend at least three days. The class occurs 9-11:45am and students have the option to enroll in extended day programming. If parents are interested in extending their child’s day pick-up can occur at 1pm, 2pm or 3pm. From 12-1pm students will eat lunch (parents provide a lunch) then play in the gym. If a child stays for afternoon classes then s/he would go to their 1pm and 2pm classes. These include academic focused classes or leisure classes such as cooking, dance, music & movement, etc. All programs are rolling admission so you can add extended day at any point during the year, along with adding days to your child’s morning IKI class if you were interested.