An Attitude of Gratitude

Bwindi Blankets

Educate Bwindi was selected as Black Bear Academy – Chicago Private’s international charity for the 2015 Giving Tree project this past holiday season. We created lessons and activities to educate our students about Bwindi in Uganda. They shared art work, crafts and songs with us, so we created a book for them with pictures of us as we learned about Bwindi. We also shared information about our students, what they like to play with and we like to do here in Chicago. Through the gift basket fundraiser, we raised money and sent half to Educate Bwindi so that they could buy goods, such as bedding for their students.

The generosity by you, our Black Bear Families, prompted much joy and excitement.  Thank you for making this happen. Don’t miss the short video below. (These kids were really happy.)