Alison Pildner, B.A., Comparative Human Development

Alison Pildner
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Alison was born and raised outside of Boston and moved to Chicago to attend college. She graduated from the University of Chicago in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Human Development, and she hopes to eventually return to school to earn a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology.
This is Alison’s first year at BBA and she will be joining the Therapeutic Enrichment Team. She has worked with preschoolers in an inclusive classroom back in Boston and is excited to be working in a preschool classroom again. Alison has served as a 1:1 aide and really enjoys getting to know her students and celebrating their successes. She has also worked as a camp counselor with Easter Seals where she focused on adapting activities to better engage her campers. These opportunities have given Alison experience working with various communication systems, implementing behavioral plans, and addressing sensory needs. Her favorite part about working with young children is their energy and she is looking forward to sharing her excitement and enthusiasm for learning with her students.
Alison ran for the University of Chicago’s Track and Field team and continues to run in her free time. She likes to cross stitch and is hoping to become more proficient in American Sign Language. Alison recently traveled to Ecuador and is now excited to be starting on a new journey here at BBA!